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Bedbug Protection

Bedbugs can be a real-life nightmare. Our bedbug treatment and 90-Day-Guarantee will be your dream come true.


Bedbugs have been on the rise over the last decade with no signs of slowing down. They are small, sneaky and hard to find. If you suspect that your home or business has bedbugs you must act quickly. One pregnant female bedbug can lay 1-5 eggs daily and about 500 in her lifetime. Even with rigorous cleaning and the best sanitation measures, bedbugs can still thrive. With our extensive training and understanding of bedbug biology, you can have peace of mind knowing that our bedbug control professionals will get rid of your problem. It doesn't end there: you will be backed by our 90-day Bedbug-Free Guarantee. If you suspect or see bedbugs within 90 days after our treatment we will come back at no cost to you.

90-day Bedbug Guarantee

Bedbug Prevention

Getting rid of bedbugs is the first step. Nuborn Pest Control will give you the tools you need to prevent future infestations.


Bedbug mattress encasements prevent bedbugs from hiding in the tufts and folds of your mattress. Additionally, they aid in the inspecting and detecting of bedbugs on the mattress.


The Climb-Up Interceptors form a barrier between the floor and the bed. These devices capture bedbugs trying to infest beds and furniture. Bedbugs approaching the bed will climb up the exterior wall of the interceptor and become trapped in the outer pitfall.


NuBorn Pest Control offers educational sessions for your companies and organizations. Our sessions are tailored to your needs, organization type and staff. Are you a property management company, a homeowners association, or hospital? We can tailor our session to cover your needs! We will cover the basics of bedbug biology, early detection, prevention, the do's and don'ts, and the myths and facts about bedbugs. Contact us to schedule your educational session with our in-house Associate Certified Entomologist.

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