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Mosquito/Tick Protection

Nearly 700 million people worldwide contract mosquito-borne illnesses. Our goal is to knock-down that number, one backyard at a time.


Our mosquito and tick program protects your family and friends from the most annoying and dangerous pests in the world. Mosquitoes show up everywhere: your yard, backyard barbecues, pool parties, and outdoor sporting events. Their bites are annoying, but that's not the worst part. They can also cause dangerous life-threatening diseases. Tick populations have been on the rise and one tick bite has the potential to cause borreliosis, commonly known as Lyme disease.

We offer two services:

  • Seasonal protection: Great for families who want to reclaim their backyards for pest-free usage all summer long.
  • One-time treatment: Maintenance just in time for one-time events like backyard parties, weddings, and other outdoor events.

What to expect during your visit:

  • A thorough inspection of the property, paying attention to areas and conducive conditions where mosquitoes and ticks can thrive.
  • Recommendations to reduce the conducive conditions, such as keeping your lawn cut low and removing areas of stagnant water.
  • Treatment of high risk areas such as dense vegetation, under patio, eco-tone, and stagnant water.

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